I realised this week I seem to have a problem. An serious case of what I decided to call “Insta-fection”.  Ok I better explain myself as that sounds really nasty.

I started up an Instagram account, just another social media platform to share my life with the world, why not  I thought,  what harm can it do?

My goal was to show the highs and lows, the calm and the chaos, the fun and the frantic. I started creating some nice images, quotes I liked and some snapshots of the kids, getting myself a collection to work from. Some candid pics to use as inspiration for my future blogs.

Pretty quickly I realised I was scrutinizing my photos, checking everything was perfect.
Can’t use that one it has a recently discarded toy in the back.
Oh no the kids bowls don’t match, better try again.
S*** I should have brushed my daughters hair before I took that photo.
On an on it went. That was all in one day. I realised, while I wanted to show parenting as it is, but I still wanted everything to look “right”. And there it was the desire for Instagram perfection- cue my invention of a new word.

Life isn’t perfect and, parenting is far from it, so what was I doing? I was trying to make it look perfect. Make me look and feel good for social media, for people who knew me, and people who don’t. Do I really want to perpetuate the myth of perfect parenting? Am I after real life or Íntsta-fection?

It is the picture perfect world we see on social media, the perfectly staged “candid” moments people choose to share that leave so many mums feeling inferior that I want to change. Actually it is one myth I desperately want to shatter, so Insta-fection can kiss my a***. I may loose some followers but life isn’t about looking perfect, or about impressing strangers. Its about being real, authentic you, the unbrushed hair, mismatched bowls and all!

You can check out my totally un-perfect Instagram account here.

Have you found yourself reaching for Insta-fection? I would love to hear about it!

Mich xx

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