Hazards of running in the House

SO it seems I broke my toe! My littlest toe on my right foot. Inconvenient for a many but a big inconvenience for a Mum of three. Plus as the only driver in the house and an incredibly painful driving foot I felt like I hit a trifecta!

I totally agree it could be worse- its a toe not a leg, but its inconvenient none the less.

So how did this happen you ask. Well I was working on this whole Fun Mum thing. being more in the moment, less caught up in my head and I started to run in the house. How many times did we hear it as a kid? How many times have I heard myself say it in the past 4 years “No running in the house”? But fun mum stepped in and said stop being such a worry wart and go play with the kids. So I did. With my little hulk (3) chasing me I tried the old out manoeuvre him on the corner trick, only I took the corner with a little too much speed and kicked the incorrectly put away vacuum cleaner on the way past!

Now I should not really be surprised because:

  1. Mum told me not to run in the house for many years,
  2. I told the kids not to run for several years,
  3. I have a habit of leaving the vacuum cleaner there, and
  4. I am clumsy on clear, level surface.

Unfortunately the clumsy thing is genetic and Baloo (5) has possibly taken it to the next level with his bumps and scratches and skull x-rays (I will save that for another post). I know he gets it from me though I have no idea where I get it from, both my parents are pretty good at basic walking, though I have never seen them run. Maybe I should set little Hulk on their tail!

Mich xx

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