7 Tips for Parenting from the Couch.

I know a little different from my tagline of parenting from the heart but this week has had a little more parenting from the couch than normal!


With my broken toe I found myself sitting (actually lying) around more than usual this week. 2 days of ice and elevation felt like a lot longer. As much as I would have enjoyed 2 days off reclined and relaxing the kids were not keen on that idea.


A parent sitting or lying is simply kid sign language for climb on me. So naturally I had a lot of extra bruises where knees and elbows connected with ribs and basic muscle groups (their knees my ribs for clarification). I think I have screeched “TOE” more than I thought possible in a lifetime, just this week. I even suggested to the kids that I should mark a big black spot on my foot to remind them that its not a place to sit/stand or pull. Ultimately I decided against is as it would most likely look like a target to them. Being a jungle gym is nothing new to me but I have been at a climbable height a lot more than usual the last 2 days so I have had to resort to some very passive parenting techniques.

If you ever break your toe here are 7 ideas to keep the kids under 7 entertained:

  1. Reading- older kids can practice by reading to siblings.
  2. Drawing- think of a special person and suggest the kids draw enough to decorate their entire fridge.
  3. Play dates- allow other children to entertain your children while their kind parents look after you.
  4. Puzzles- pointing and saying “that piece, no that one on the left, the other left” is super relaxing.
  5. The other parent- remind them of the time Dad/Mum said they would take them to the playground. Also remind them about pester power.
  6. Treasure hunts- if its a game the kids will gleefully bring you all you need while you get to stay on the couch. Just be sure to ask for treasure not help. Help triggers whining while treasure gets excitement.
  7. Hide and seek. SO long as you call out occasionally No not in the X you can stay in one place until they come looking for you, then praise them for such good hiding skills


Or you could just get out some blankets and popcorn and plan a movie marathon. That’s what we did!

parenting form the couch

We all put so much pressure on ourselves to be a perfect parent. A parent who entertains the kids at any opportunity. A parent who doesn’t use TV as a baby sitter or allow “Too much” screen time. A parent who never just wishes they could call in sick for the day.

The reality is none of us a perfect, we are all just doing the best we can each day. Those Instagram images and amazing Pinterest boards of craft ideas are just the outward image, the glossy snapshot we share with the world. So toss out the rule book and do whatever works for you!


Personally a cuddle on the couch, a good movie and warm popcorn is hard to beat!


Mich xx

7 thoughts on “7 Tips for Parenting from the Couch.”

  1. You list so many great things you can do from the couch. We personally love the snuggle and movies. you are so right you have to do what is right for you, there really is no wrong way.
    Thank you for sharing this post in the All For Mamas Link Party Week 5 #allformamas and reminding us that it is ok to do whatever works no matter what anyone else is doing or saying. I will share this post on the facebook group page, on my page, twitter, pinterest and google +


  2. Great post – we all have periods of illness or when we have to be off our feet and entertaining the little monkeys is really hard. I loved your ideas, particularly the treasure hunt #AllForMamas


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