Some Mornings Suck!

Today was one of those days! The ones that just start off on the wrong foot! I stayed up late watching a Movie with Hubby, Little Hulk was awake several times in the night, and morning came WAY before I was ready! I really did not want to get up.


I am not a morning person at the best of times. As a Mum, kids do not come with a snooze button and mine are all early risers. Somehow we still manage to be late for school as we have SO Much time we get distracted and end up rushing out the door at the last minute despite being up for 3 hours already! A mix of late nights, broken sleep and my general distaste for morning all came together to make this morning pretty rough.


I had to keep reminding myself that the kids were not intentionally ignoring me, they were simply distracted. That they were not deliberately being annoying but they are kids its in their nature. That we have a busy day full of things to do and I will not even remember how tired I am until tonight when I finally stop for the day.


On mornings like this I like to think of all the other parents out there and it reminds me that I am not alone in this. I remind myself that one day they will all be old enough to dress themselves unassisted, make their own breakfasts and wipe their own Bottoms! I remind myself that they have grown so fast and that it doesn’t last forever


If all else fails I remind myself that its Mothers day soon and I get my annual sleep-in then!


Mich xxx





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