Time to play

Time to Play #2

Week 2 of my 21 play grounds in 21 weeks got off to a good start! We recruited a friend to come along with us! I felt a little like I was cheating on the task I set myself of being in the moment at the park but the friend invite was his suggestion so I decided to roll with it!


This week we visited a local play ground that has been recently completely rebuilt by the local council. It has that soft ground covering that bruises rather than breaks (Little Hulk falls a lot), baby swings, regular swings and those big multi kid swings that are popping up everywhere now!


It has sections for kids of all ages and naturally Little Hulk was quickly bored with the toddler section and climbed up to the high bridge to explore. Why is it young kids always want to climb up on the biggest equipment? I understand when Princess Pea and Baloo are there, he is chasing them but seriously he just has to climb as high as possible! Though he loves the big slides so at least I don’t have to go up and get him 🙂

Little Hulk on a bridge

Even more than climbing he loves to spin! Luckily we have 3 spinning elements at this playground so he had loads of fun. Last time we were here he span until he vomited. All over the equipment and himself so today I had to stop him a few times as I was not cleaning up that again!

getting dizzy

The only thing the playground here needs is more shade. they have some over one section but the rest was baking hot. As you can see Little Hulk was happy to keep on his hood, and by happy I mean adamant he would.
We had a lot of fun this week and while I had a friend for some adult conversation I was still really determined to get involved so I still played with the boys on the swings but avoided climbing with my broken toe. Its funny how the brain works. With this challenge on my mind I have started really noticing the playgrounds we drive past on a regular basis but have never been to. Next week I plan to go to one of those, to find somewhere new to explore and play.


I would love to hear some of the fun you have had playing out with the kids.

Mich xx

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