A Quiet Sunday Night In

Well tonight has been a significantly different night to last Sunday. At this time last Sunday night I was worried that Little Hulk had cut off circulation to his finger and needed a trip to the hospital! Luckily it was not as bad as it looked.


I had spent the day cleaning out the boys room and found some old once loved toys in the bottom of a toy box. Little Hulk decided that he wanted to take a little plastic toy key ring to bed. I was about to say no but decided he couldn’t hurt himself and it would be fine, I could sneak in and take it off him once asleep so he didn’t roll onto it in the night and wake himself. I thought that was the extent of it. It was a pick your battle moment and I chose no battle. I blamed myself for that decision for the next 24 hours!


Around 10pm he called out. I went in with his water, gave him a drink, tucked him back in, this is our routine almost every night. I flicked out the toy and walked away. 10 minutes later, he called out again. I went in and resettled him. He said his finger hurt, I kissed it, settled him back down and sat beside the bed to rub his back until he fell asleep but this time he did not resettle. We moved out to the bathroom to check his finger. The tip was white and twice the size it should be. Panic set in but “don’t freak him out” was a stronger urge and I calmly tried to rub it and bring back circulation. More tears. I was starting to really stress, I knew he had that toy, I had no idea what he did but I blamed myself. I was so worried that he had cut off his circulation and would loose his finger. I blamed myself, I jumped to the worse possible case scenario and went into crisis management.


His finger was white not purple so I called the locum doctor

“What are his symptoms?” asked the operator

“His finger is white” I reply holding back a hysterical giggle at what sounds like a ridiculous statement but one that filled my heart with fear.

“The doctor is on the way and will be there within the next 3 hours”

“Three hours? What can I do in the meantime?”

“You can call Health direct and talk to a nurse if you need medical advice”

Another phone call, more details to give and all the while he is screaming in my ear.

“Oh I can hear he is in a fair amount of pain there.” says the nurse after I confirm all my personal details, and all of his and what the last 40 minutes has involved.

“Mummy get off the phone” he screams again

“No he is more upset I am talking on the phone than is about his finger” finally allowing out that hysterical giggle.


Essentially the advice is to see a doctor within 12 hours. Honestly it is the most urgent follow up they have ever recommended. I felt both panicked and reassured (no ambulance necessary).


The doctor arrived within 40 minutes and was so grateful that I had the gate open and front light on that I worried about the other houses they arrived to that night. Once I got my attention back on the task at hand (or finger to be literal) the doctor took a look at the finger and asked how many days he had the blister. When I said it was not there at bedtime 4 hours earlier she looked perplexed. Little Hulk finally took the time to tell us what happened and the offending toy was located.

toy keyring
The offending toy key ring

He had put his finger through the small ring while he was in bed. We concluded that he then fell asleep and was fine until he rolled over and the 2 attached elements pinched together and trapped his fingertip. The result was a blister covering the tip of his finger, the treatment was wait it out.


By morning the blister had doubled in size, was the entire top section of his finger and had filled with fluid. Cue a panicked trip to the family doctor. While Princess Pea and Baloo did yoga and took turns weighing each other on the doctors scales and I whisper yelled sit still to doctor looked similarly perplexed at the blister causing story.


Antibiotics issued we left for a pre-planned playdate in the park. Little Hulk was so happy to see his friends and totally not fussed by his swollen finger so off he ran to play. He decided to take up residence on one of those spinning egg things. He span until he vomited- yes literally vomited all over the seat and himself. Cue another dose of mummy guilt as I washed down the play area but by now I had to laugh.


Soon it was cuddle time and the blister spontaneously popped so we headed home. After such a big night it was little surprise when he fell asleep in the car. By the time he woke, in his bed, 2 hours later his finger was recognisable again, red and swollen but recognisable.

cuddles needed
Time for a cuddle

He has spent the past week proudly showing everyone who will look, though he looked a little concern as the skin peeled away on Thursday.  Today you can barely tell anything happened and while still a little red he has recovered fully and my panic seems a little like an over reaction. That said I know I did all I could and from now on only stuffed animals in bed!


How has your child induced an unnecessary panic in you?


Mich xx







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