Time to play

Time to Play #3

Wow that week went fast! With the public holiday, specialist appointments for Baloo and the end of the school term I almost missed a week! Luckily our play ground visit was at the start of the week, it has just taken me all week to sit and type!


Little Hulk was determined to bring his friend along on this one again and who am I to refuse his sweet face so he got a playground and a play date in one.


As promised we went to a brand new playground, not just new to us but brand new. Our local council has been on a playground upgrade mission so there are many new (small but still new) playgrounds to explore. It was really interesting to watch how the 2 boys played so differently. They played together well but really got something different from the exact same equipment.


Time to climb
Seems the stairs are too easy for these little climbers


In addition to the main equipment there was a set of swings (and another of those net tyre swings) and a car and sea saw. TBH I was disappointed in the sea saw and I have seen them popping up everywhere. I can only assume they are a “Safe” option but they suck! the boys are equally weighted (close enough) and can climb on but are not heavy enough to weigh it down, nor tall enough to reach the ground so they sat there calling for help. We worked out that if one of them stood they could bounce each other but then they started jumping and that game was quickly bought to an end! These new sea saws are a complete waste and even my older kids struggle to get them bouncing. I can appreciate the safer choice but I would rather they left it out all together!



I did notice myself getting frustrated today. The old “I bought you here can’t you just play and appreciate it instead of asking me to join in!” pattern. I know I am not the only Mum to feel this way. Go to your local playground and you will see that there are so many parents lost in their phones (no judgement I have been one and will be again no doubt). Parents encouraging the kids from the safety of the benches nearby, but not getting involved. There are plenty of parents at the other end of the scale too but I know that I tend towards the less involved type, especially when I have all 3 kids as I feel like they should entertain each other. It is not fair really on my eldest that she always has the boys begging “Wait for me” while I shout “Play with your brothers” from the safety of the park bench.


It has been interesting to notice this pattern of non involvement from me and it is the exact reason I decided to set myself this challenge to be more involved! To be in the moment and play and share that experience. I feel like my lack of involvement has left me as a play ground reviewer not a user and this is what I wanted to avoid!


Next week it is school holidays so all three kids will be able to come and I plan to fully participate!


How do you find your play ground experiences with kids? Are you a player or a supervisor?


Mich xx


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