Time to play

Time to play #4

School holidays are here and what better way to start than by a trip to the playground with all three kids for my 21 week challenge 🙂


My commitment to this challenge was to join in, so today not only did I push the swings I jumped in myself for a while (and made the kids push me). The kids had an amazing time as we had the place to ourselves- honestly other people do go to the parks near us we just have great timing. This is another fairly new playground but we have been here before. It is always entertaining to watch eth boys follow their sister and do whatever she is doing- though 3 kids on a see saw is totally not effective!



Kids on the see-saw
The big kids loved to bounce each other!


Mum on the see-saw
I think the weight was not evenly distributed but he insisted his feet should touch the ground!!


I must admit I had a lot of fun. Considering how disconnected I have been feeling lately it was really nice to let go of all the worries about all the serious things that needed to be done and just play! The kids faces lit up and all wanted a turn with me and we managed it all without any conflict!


Swinging high
Swinging High!
Swinging low
Funny faces through the base!


This is the feeing I have to remember, how to have fun, to be in the moment and really be there with them, not caught up in my head and all the serious stuff!


I am really excited for next week now!


What is your favourite thing to do with the kids at the play ground?


Mich xx

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