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Lets go fly a kite

This week, with summer coming to a close it was time for the annual family visit to the beach! We meet up each year with our family who live interstate but holiday near us. It is a great long weekend to catch up plus get to the beach for some family fun.


This year we took our kites. We purchased them at the local kite festival last year but have had limited success flying them. The beach seemed like a perfect place to try again, and we were not the only ones with that idea!


The kids had limited patience for the actually “getting them in the air” part but were quite happy to enjoy them once at full height. Until a plate of donuts appeared and we suddenly had kite strings tied to the nearby trees so they could eat unimpeded.


It reminded me of the simple joy of childhood. It is so easy to get caught up in the business of being busy but the beauty of each day lies in these small moments. Of just allowing the time to pass and being there in that single experience, a great activity in mindfulness and definitely more fun than colouring in!


It is so easy in life to get caught up in the to do list. There is always more laundry to do, another meal to cook and mess to tidy. It is easy to loose the magic in the little things.
What activities do you enjoy with the kids?


Mich xx


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