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Reflections on my Birthday

Today is my 34th Birthday.  A day to mark the passing of another year, reflect on the year that was and lament how quickly it passed. I have no attachment to age, it is just a number, but 34 shifts me from early 30s to mid 30s and I often feel like I really have not changed that much since my mid 20s. So today I have been contemplative of my life over the last 10 years. Have I really changed that much?

Me aged 24

This is me 10 years ago, with my Husband, we had been married just 18 months.

10 Years ago I was a wife but not a mother.

10 Years ago we owned a block of land but had yet to build our home.

10 Years ago I did not have a Facebook account (in fact Facebook itself had only been open to the public for 7 months!) but I was on Myspace (shh)!

10 Years ago I had a Nokia Analog mobile not a Smart phone!

10 years ago I had a job I enjoyed but not one I was passionate about.

10 years ago I had many friends but today I have few whom I truly know with my heart.

10 years ago I enjoyed my life but today I am grateful everyday for all that life has bought me.

Looking back over 10 years I see just how much has changed, just with the passing of time. I realise just how much I have changed.

This is Me

I became a Mum of 3 and this has fundamentally changed me. I grew three whole human beings- that is amazing Mamas- we do not give our body enough credit for this amazing feat! I survived on less sleep that I thought possible and anxieties I never knew existed surfaced and pushed me to my limits. But I have no doubt that I would not be the woman I am today if it were not for my kids and the lessons they have taught me. My anxiety and depression have pushed me to ask myself what drives me, what brings me joy and how can I live everyday to its full potential.

In the 3 years since my youngest was born I have been on a journey of self development. Reconnecting with me I learnt more about myself in that time than I did in the 30 years prior. I know what is in my heart, and how to be the best me I can be.

So after a day of reflection it is time to look forwards, to set my intention for this coming year. To be deliberate about achieving what I want to achieve and be who I am, not who I feel I should be.

This year I will;

Drink more water and less coffee.

Mediate more and stress less.

Play more and work less.

Practice yoga until I can hold Crow pose (my current record is 3 seconds).

Walk outside everyday.

Buy some gumboots and jump in puddles.

Skip- who does not feel happy Skipping!

What are you intentions for this year?

Mich xxx


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5 thoughts on “Reflections on my Birthday”

  1. HAPPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love the concept of this post comparing life now and 10 years ago. Its amazing how much has changed. It is also great that you set a list of goals for the upcoming year. Thank you for sharing this post in the All for Mamas Link Party Week 6 #allformamas I will share this on the Facebook group page, my page, twitter and google+


  2. Happy Birthday! I completely agree we don’t give our body enough credit for carrying children. My twins were five before I had the epiphany that this body I complain about managed to carrying twins full term and was relatively a comfortable pregnancy. Congratulations on the realization. I also am with you on the water intake.


  3. What a great exercise ! I think taking stock of the amazing things we have done in our lives, it helps to define or redefine our goals and what’s important to us. I think I will have to try this reflection activity. Cheers for a great 34th year!


    1. Thanks Amy. Since I became a Mum I almost forgot about me. So much is in the moment of catching their milestones I forgot to record my own. It was a great reflection and then projection activity 🙂


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