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Happy Mum Again Week #1

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So despite my best intentions it took me 2 weeks to get started on the program. I just found myself procrastinating. I had this resource at my fingertips and I just couldn’t find the time to get started. I knew it would help me reconnect with my inner Happy Mum, but I just couldn’t do it. I have 3 kids, it is the school holidays, we had family visit, there was the Easter long weekend and we had a 4 day holiday. Then I was 2 weeks behind the group, so I felt like I was failing. I was failing, me, my kids and my husband. I had made a commitment to my family, to Jackie, and to you that I would commit to this, and yet here I am not getting it done.

So it was time to make a plan. Procrastination is so easy when you do not have a plan and a deadline. I made a weekly commitment that on Monday I will put a 60 minute window in my calendar, blocked out for the program, and Nothing else, no exceptions (ok kids in hospital, or major illness excluded). being already now behind the group I admitted that I was behind and in need of a push and I found I was not alone which encouraged me. Having a group of Mums on this journey with me really helps me stay motivated so back on the bandwagon I locked in the weekend to catch up on those 2 weeks.

I picked up my well worn handbook, with its dog eared pages and highlighted paragraphs. Reading it remembered how well Jackie gets in the head of the reader, her “dear diary” entries resonate so well with me, and others I see in the group. This book is not about my kids and their behaviour but about understanding my reactions to them. I remember telling  a friend the first time I read this that it should be given to all first time Mums as it was like the author had a window into my mind and all the unkind things I said to myself.

You feel this way Jackie Hall

Jackie explains in easy to understand language the thought patterns we experience when stressed and the emotions that flow through them. She describes neural pathways and synapses in ways anyone can understand without feeling overwhelmed and it really helps solidify what she is talking about. There is a link to an Audio of Jackie reading the book to me in my weekly email but I much prefer to read myself, but for those who prefer to listen the option is there and a great way to add the lessons to your playlist while you walk/clean or relax on the couch 🙂

The week one video is only 30 minutes long and easy to fit in now I have set aside the time. The video expands on what I read in the book and includes some homework which was easy as it had been a tough day so it was nice to sit back and actively reflect on my reactions and the kids actions What triggered me. When I first did the HMH program I was so focussed on my anger, but this time I am more mellow and have new triggers so I am having to push myself a little harder now I am below the surface.

Now I have started I am keen to keep going, making this program a priority in my week is going to be key in staying on track so I am looking forward to week 2

Mich xx

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