Time to play

Time To Play #5

Road trip time! A few times a year we travel interstate to visit family, we stop along the way as 5 hours in the car is a long time. One place we Never miss is the playground in Keith on Dukes Highway, South Australia. This playground is on the West side of town on Heritage street which runs parallel to the highway.

My kids refer to this as the Da-dump, da-dump play ground. Why? Its the noise you hear the entire time you are there! We visited this playground twice this week!

The play ground equipment is nice but the monorail ride is a favourite with the kids. This is the cause of that da-dump da-dump sound that the kids used to describe the playground as toddlers and it has completely stuck. So lets start there! 3 seats, a 4 tiered down hill slope to the middle and then back up the other side. I see as many parents on this as kids and the young ones do need a little help getting it back up the other side. That said my kids like to ride it back and forth on the momentum of that first push until they get to the middle and a complete stop.

They recently upgraded some of the features and a new addition is the swings, including a dual swing. I have seen these in videos before, but this is the only one I have actually seen in reality. It is a parent and baby swing so you can swing together. This one has the baby seat facing away from the adult, which was handy with a toddler but I would have used it the other way when little hulk was a baby. He and I had a great swing and then I generously gave up my seat for princess pea who wanted to join in.

A duel swing

Another unique feature is what a spinning swing. Despite the fact that 2 of my three kids get car sick they love the motion of both swinging and spinning, personally it made me feel ill (Quality control meant I had to give it a try).

Swinging and spinning at once

The central section of the playground has the standard climbing sections and wobbly slide but this one is way too slippery so the kids got creative getting across without ending up on their bottoms.

There is also a fort, flying fox, see-saw and sandpit that the kids like once they have to give up the monorail to another family!

I asked the kids to rate the playground on a scale of 1-10 and they all emphatically stated 10! It has toilets and BBQ facilities for the more practical minded parents, and 4 Poke-stops and a Gym for the Pokémon Go obsessed kids (yes that is the kids in this house).

This trip motivated me to find as many new playgrounds as I can so one will be my feature next week and the others will be grouped together as a single road trip post for any other parents looking to travel the Dukes Highway in the future.


Mich xx

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