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Happy Mum Again week #2

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I piggy backed week two straight onto week one. Once I got some momentum it was easy to keep it going. I know how easy it is to let everything else become a priority so I am staying in flow.

This weeks video was a little longer than last week, almost an hour but Jackie reviewed the key points from week one so it was nice to get the highlights package, even after doing it 2 days ago. Week 2 is all about getting solution focused, so based on my week one homework of becoming aware of my reactions and the thinking feeling loop I was ready to get to the next step. Once again the examples and case studies are so relatable I found myself smiling and nodding knowingly along.

This week we jump into experiential learning, putting it into practice. The brain learns through what it ‘hears’, what it ‘sees’ and most importantly by what it does so it really is key to do the homework and apply the lessons. It is easy to look and understand but if we do not apply what we learn it doesn’t change anything. It would be like watching the piano teacher, learning how to read music but never actually touching the piano keys and expecting to be able to play. It cannot happen. Come to think of it parenting is actually kind of like playing piano, beautiful but difficult to learn 🙂

Looking back over the past years I can see so many highs and lows. Taking a wider look I can see that their really are more great moments than lows but I keep reliving those lows, beating myself up for my mistakes, wishing things had been different, wishing I had been different. When I am tired it feel like I am stuck, like I am never going to feel good again, like I am just so sick of trying, like I have nothing left to give to those who need me. It is good to take a wider look at the years not the moments and this weeks activities do this. The examples are all relatable and the activities are easy to do when I am open and honest with myself, and not beating myself up for the mistake I made along the way.

Next week is more shifting the negative mindset I have been stuck in. I am looking forward to it. Again I will be reading the chapters but I love that the option to listen to them is there also if I get pressed for time.

Mich xx

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