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Happy Mum Again # 3

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This week was an extension of week 2 in shifting my mindset, finding the value in the unwanted and once again Jackie uses easily relatable examples and humorous anecdotes. The activities make it really easy to apply the lessons to my own experiences.

When I first did Happy Mum this was the week that really resonated with me. The inner dialogue from this week really resonated with me. When I feel overwhelmed I ALWAYS go straight to blame, which results in Anger/frustration. I am great at blaming myself- the old “I should not have done that”. I am pretty good at blaming the kids too the “They should know better by now”. The result of both of these is that I yell at the kids and I feel like crap, so I yell at the kids again, so I feel worse. It really is a vicious cycle. I look back to 2 years ago and I was so unhappy and I was projecting that out, I had no patience, limited compassion and I was so far from the Mum I wanted to be. Looking back I can see that while I have slipped back into some old habits I am far from the cranky Mum I was back then. Do not get me wrong I have bad days but this refresher has reminded me that its tough days now not tough weeks and I know I can get that back to tough moments by working on my mindset.

Mistakes are gifts that teach me about life

What I love about this program is that it is working on me. It is not another child behaviour management technique (though there is child behaviour discussed). It is looking at my reactions, my behaviours and helping me to be the Mum I want to be. There are no hard and fast rules to get it “right”, just a road map to become the Mum I want to be. Every Mum (and Dad) is different and only we know what will work for us, but this program can work for anyone.

It is only a 35 minute video this week so super easy to make the time for it. I had set aside and hour while all the kids were all out, so I did the video and Homework in the one hit. The reading was a little more intensive with 3 chapters to read but this week I combined reading and listening so it didn’t need to find as much time to stop and read.

Next week is all about Self worth and I know this has become my weakness lately. I know the logic, that we are all worthy 100% of the time BUT I need to put it into practice, I need to remind myself of my innate worth as ultimately that’s what it all comes down to.

Mich xx

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To Learn more about the Happy Mum Handbook program click on the below link or contact me with any questions.

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