Time to play


I live in Adelaide and I recently found a fantastic school holiday activity called SA Rocks! Hundreds of kids statewide are decorating rocks and hiding them in their local playgrounds for others to find. What a great way to get the kids not only creating but outside and exploring! It a world where our kids spend so much time attached to their devices and we as parents are desperately trying to find something to draw them away from the bright screens and fun sounds without tantrums and whinging this was a winner in our house.


The way it works is simple:

  • Decorate smooth rocks -with acrylic paint or sharpies,
  • Seal them from the elements (with a simple spray sealant). If you miss this step your images will wash away ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
  • Add on your postcode, the Facebook symbol, and SA Rocks to the back and then head out into the wild to set them free ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Join your local state Facebook group (SA rocks for us in South Australia. It started in WA but is now nationwide) and check out what is in your area by searching for your postcode.
  • When you get to your desired hiding location snap a few pics of the rocks and post in the group along with the park, suburb and postcode so others can start hunting for them!
  • When you find a rock again snap a photo and share to the group so others can see what you found. and you can either re hide it OR take it to a brand new location and hide it! Some rocks have made their way a decent distance as they get moved from playground to playground!


We only heard about this on Sunday night so I joined the group immediately and when I was accepted the following morning I saw a playground near us had a drop only 7 minutes earlier. The kids have never dressed so fast and we quickly headed down there to get searching, we were not the only ones with 2 other families there at the same time ๐Ÿ™‚ The kids made some new friends as they all hunted and squealed excitedly finding new rocks and each others rocks. It was great to see how something so simple could get them so excited! We re-hid the rocks in new hiding places at the same playground and shared our finds on the group and went off to start making our own!


A quick trip to Bunnings and we had the supplies but I did hope we could find some ‘wild’ rocks to re-home rather than buying rocks- it feels a little like littering as I always tell the kids to never leave behind anything we didn’t find there when we go out but we didn’t find many good rocks in our local riverbed though a beautiful little waterfall was a highlight. We walked away with 7 rocks to wash and decorate and the kids were eager to get started.


Once the rocks were washed and dried we started to decorate. I learnt quickly that we really did need to buy some rocks as ours were a little too uneven to decorate. BUT I was not stopping those kids so we selected the best 3 and they got drawing. As they were using sharpies I had read it is best to put a layer of PVA Glue before sealing as it stops the colours bleeding. So they drew, I coated and we waited for them to dry… and then we ran out of time to go and hide them! The kids were not happy with me because now they have 3 days away with their Dad so we cannot finish our Rocking Adventure ๐Ÿ™‚

The good news is that in the meantime I am going to go buy some rocks and some paints so we can try with paint on Friday! we will decorate in the morning and in the afternoon I aim to head out to several playgrounds so we can relocate some and hide ours.


I must say looking at the pictures of the rocks in the group some people are Amazing artists and I feel a little intimidated, but I will purchase some rocks, paint them white to give the kids a clean slate to start and get them paint rather than sharpies and off we go!

So if you are cruising around your local playground and find some highly decorated rocks, flip them over and see how far they traveled, maybe you could even join in the fun and help them travel a little further!

I may be more excited than the kids.

Mich xx


To check out all the details including the best rocks to decorate head over to Kids in Adelaide-ย https://www.kidsinadelaide.com.au/sa-rocks/ย ย for all the details!

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