I Got Nominated for the Liebster Award!

WOW I am so excited, Fiona over at Finding Time in the Chaos has nominated me for the Liebster award for new bloggers. It is an exciting way to reach some new followers but more importantly to connect with other new bloggers! I am learning that the blogging community is such a kind and supportive place to be and I am looking forward to building more connections. I know how easy it is to find well established bloggers but connecting with those who, like myself, are still new to this world pushed me to reach out. It was strange, I felt like the new kid at school (and I went to a lot of schools) again. I had to politely reach out and say Hi, I am new here, want to be friends 🙂 Anyway time to get into it!


The rules are simple, once nominated you need to answer the questions of the blogger who nominated you and pass on the nomination to 5 other bloggers with less than 200 followers.



So Thank you for the nomination Fiona, here are my Answers your Questions:


1: What is your favourite food and why? My absolute favourite food is my Mums Lasagna. I remember when I was moving out of home I asked her to teach me to cook it and I was shocked to see that she had for 20 years been using the recipe off the side of the dried lasagna sheets box. I always had this vision that it was some amazing recipe she had found many years ago and I was right, it is just not where I expected her to have found it! Naturally I took a copy and cook that same lasagna today. Somehow mine never tastes as good and hers. Whenever I returned home in those early years I knew exactly what she will cook for tea on my first night. Though with the arrival of my own kids Spaghetti bolognaise is starting to come out on top, luckily that’s my second favourite 🙂


2: Where have you traveled outside your country? The only time I left Australia was on my Honeymoon and I went to New Zealand. It was a place I had wanted to visit for years and I remember at school whenever we had to to a project on an overseas nation I always selected New Zealand so it was like fulfilling a long held dream! The landscape was so beautiful and the people so lovely I would love to go back one day! My next place on the wish list is Disneyland, and I will make it i swear I will!


3: If you could have a superpower what would it be? Hmm that’s a tough one I would love to be be able to fly or to have super speed but i think i would love telekinesis, the power to move things with my mind, the ability to simply sweep up all the kids toys and put them away without running all over the house would be better than running around after them at the speed of light 🙂


4: What is your favourite kids movie? I grew up loving The Lion King and I still do, but as an adult I think I love Frozen- which works out well as I was happy to watch it a million time with the kids and have the soundtrack playing in the car… oh wait I just remembered Trolls, we saw that and I loved it too. I loved the messages in both movies so I am going to call it a tie- Frozen and Trolls 🙂


5: What is your Why behind your blog? I started this blog only a few months ago to share my experiences as a Mum of 3 young kids. I experienced PND and have had many highs and lows since then and felt the last 6 month was a real test for me. I had been supporting other parents with their own mindset and yet I was really struggling with my own. I lost all motivation and drive,  I was definitely not living life the way I was teaching others to and I realised that this was a test to see how resolved i really was, how much I really wanted to live the life I dreamed and if i was committed to making the decisions that would lead me there. But it was still hard to do that, it is so much easier to bury your head in the sand that make the tough choices, easier to sit on the couch and feel sorry for myself than take action and risk failure or rejection. SO what better way to motivate myself than share my journey, show that I need to walk my own talk, to love myself unconditionally and to let go of fear and live from the heart, parent from the heart and now here I am!


That was a lot of fun and I just went back through Fiona’s post (I read it last week and forgot her answers) and realised we have a mutual love of kids movies 🙂


So now it is my turn to nominate and ask questions


I nominate:

Kelly at It’s not always Roses

Candice at Life in a Mum Shell

Becka at Pink Amethyst

Kirsty at That Noise is Mine



My questions are-

1: What is your dream holiday destination?

2: What is your go to song to lift your spirits when you are feeling low?

3: What is your favourite board game?

4: What is your inspirational motto?

5: How do you keep a work/blog/life balance?


I can’t wait to read your responses!


Mich xx

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