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I mentioned in my very first blog that I experienced perinatal depression in 2013 and I found an online program that helped me break free from the cycle of anxiety and depression.


That program was the Happy Mum Handbook Program from the Parental Stress Centre of Australia. The HMH program helped me to identify the cause of my stress, recognise my triggers and most importantly it gave me the practical tools I needed to make a life-long change. I still have rough moments but that’s all they are now- moments in my day. They no longer consume me and result in a bad day (or week).


I learnt that there is no perfect parent, we are all just doing the best we can with the resources we have and I needed new resources. I had so much at my fingertips about child development and child behaviour and my friends and family loving told me I was doing great but I was struggling everyday just getting through the day and the support and connection I got in this program was just what I needed. It gave me back my purpose outside being a Mum which then ultimately made me a better Mum because now I had a sense of self that was not tied to the Mum tag.


I started to enjoy motherhood again and I wanted to help other Mothers do the same. After high school I had completed Psychology degree and had a post grad qualification in rehabilitation counselling. Adding on my life experience as a Mum and now my personal experience of breaking down stressful thinking patterns I was ready to support other Mums.


I started to work with the PSC supporting other Mums and dads in their various programs and at live seminars all over Australia. I supported our platinum members and I currently provide one-on-one counselling/coaching services. Here is my professional profile if you wanted to check it out!


In March 2017 I have decided to redo the HMH program, I have had a massive 12 months and started to slip back into old habits. We are always growing and evolving and while I know the theory I need to immerse myself in practice again. My kids are 3 years older now so I know that different things will ring true for me this time that didn’t before and the more I grow the more I can help others.


I will be blogging the Happy Mum experience as I go, trying to really BE in the program. It’s so easy to get caught up in what we already know that we stop learning new things so I am looking forward to it and I am sure I will learn new things from the program and the other Mothers involved!

Mich xx

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