Young living

My Young Living Adventure Begins

In 2002 I decided to convert to chemical free cleaning and spent a fortune on Enjo cleaning products. I loved them and found that the Eczema on my hands significantly improved and this was enough for me. When I became a Mum in 2009 I spent 6 months sterilizing everything to keep her safe and soon forgot my chemical free alternatives. The fear of my child getting sick from bacteria overrode my belief in chemical free products and soon my cupboards were once again filled with Poisons warnings and child proof locks. My eczema flared up again and I would clean everything once with a chemical and again with water to remove chemical residue. It was time consuming and honestly overkill but I could not see any other way.


The more I researched the more I realised that I wasn’t only cleaning with chemicals but I was inhaling them, ingesting them, lathering them on my skin and coating my clothes with them. With 3 young children I wanted to once again find a chemical free way. I wanted to be sure I was killing any bacteria but also not harming my children or the environment (or my bank balance)!


Enter Young Living! I had been chatting to some friends about Essential oils and their benefits in emotional well being, as well as their fantastic aromas and toying with the idea of signing up but I wasn’t sure where to start. Then by some twist of Fate I was chatting to my employer who had just that week signed up for Young Living. I discovered that YL had a commitment to not only  pure therapeutic grade essential oils but also a chemical free cleaning rage and I knew I had found my solution. I did more research (you can never have too much information) and signed up.

Young living kit

All this happened last month and I have to say I am hooked! Initially I started with just a Premium starter kit that included 11 essential oils and a diffuser plus a bunch of free samples and this month I received all of my Thieves cleaning products (and some more oils plus body products). The more I learn about these amazing products the more I want to try and as  a member I am earning rewards points and getting wholesale prices so it is not breaking the bank. What is more I have signed up under a great business mentor and can see that not only can I change my lifestyle I can help others do the same and we can all earn some much needed $$ along the way.


I will be regularly sharing my latest experiences with Young Living and I am looking forward to building up an amazing team to come along for the ride. If you have any questions about essential oils email me at or contact me through my contacts page!


If you are curious about the germ killing capacity of natural products check out this article- it is long but super informative!


Mich xx

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