Family life

The Kids

So while this Blog will be about me and my experiences I really should tell you a little about my kids as they will no doubt feature a lot along the way. They light up my days and although I may sometimes suggest that you need to follow the same rules as you do gremlins (do not feed them after 6pm or get them wet lest they turn into little monsters) I wouldn’t have them any other way!


I have 1 daughter and 2 sons; Princess Pea is 7, Baloo is 5 and Little Hulk is 3. Its amazing to see their different temperaments right from the beginning.


Princess Pea is a mini me. She is empathetic and friendly, a little crazy with zero patience, and the memory of a fish (you all know the little blue and yellow Tang to which I refer). I strive towards her confidence when she meets new people as she always makes new friends and admire her commitment when she makes a decision. I love her so much and she pushes my buttons so well as she is so like me (yes I am that little fish too). We butt heads and give each other a little sass but at the end of each day we come back together with a hug and a giggle and a promise to start fresh tomorrow. I know that working on myself will give me the tools to teach her how to manage that crazy emotional ride she is bound to go on as she grows up.


Baloo is my sweet natured son. He is obsessed with bugs and would sit and watch them just walking around all day if I would let him. He is compassionate and kind to everyone he meets, he is curious about the world and is so gentle in all he does. He eats like a racehorse and looks like a greyhound so I am not keen on the grocery bill in his teen years but he is strong and active, and like all boys loves physical comedy (cue falling over on purpose and laughing hysterically)


Little Hulk- well his nickname says it all. He is our little rough nut who would wear his Hulk PJs everywhere if I would let him (the record is one entire weekend before I threatened to put him in the bath wearing it). He loves a tussle, jumps into Everything he encounters with 2 feet, has no fear and luckily bounces back from a fall as the third child gets much less helicopter parenting than the first did! His nature is so different to his brother and yet the complement each other so well. He is bold and strong willed but also loving and in tune with others.


All three of them give the best hugs; its not just me that says it either. I am so proud of the little people they are becoming and so excited to see the adventures they have in life. I know that some days I have less patience than I would like and my energy levels get low and I need to be aware of that but no matter how crazy the days get I Love tucking them in at night and getting the biggest, best hugs in the world.


Mich xx

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